00:01 - C4D, Octane, all aspects
00:06 - Houdini, Nuke, lighting and character implementation
00:16 - C4D, AE, modeled, textured, lit, animated 3D backgrounds
00:24 - C4D, modeled, animated light bulb shot
00:26 - C4D, Octane, modeled, textured, animated, lit snake model
00:30 - C4D, Otane, AE, all aspects
00:33 - C4D, Nuke, modeled, textured, lit, composited, 3D tracked footage
00:36 - Houdini, simulated gold fluid
00:40 - Houdini, assisted setup and simulation for numerous gold fluid sims
00:44 - C4D, Nuke, modeled, textured, lit, animated, composited, 3D tracked footage
00:58 - C4D, Houdini, prototyped and implemented bugs, modeled proxy geo, lit, rendered in Mantra
01:02 - C4D, AE, Octane, all aspects
01:06 - C4D, Houdini, animated shark in C4D, lit and rendered in Mantra
01:10 - C4D, Octane, AE, responsible for all elements of 3D scene
01:12 - Houdini, Redshift, built background proxy geo, implemented background string tools, lit and rendered

Résumé can be found here!

Music is "My Type" by Saint Motel.